Welcome to the New American Workforce/California Farm Bureau Green Card-to-Citizenship Program!

California Farm Bureau is partnering with  New American Workforce to provide access to citizenship services and assistance for employees (and eligible members of their immediate families) of Farm Bureau members. This resource will help individuals who are Legal Permanent Residents (i.e. "Green card holders"), who may be eligible and interested in completing their application for U.S. citizenship (i.e., form N-400).

The Green Card-to-Citizenship program is committed to the privacy of Farm Bureau member-employers and your Permanent Resident employees. Your membership information will be used to verify your eligibility to access this Farm Bureau member benefit and will not be shared with anyone outside the Farm Bureau. Your employee's personal information is privileged and will not be shared with you, the Farm Bureau, or anyone other than the Program partner providing legal assistance to your Permanent Resident employee.

When you click the “submit” button below, you will receive more information on the program to share with your interested employees, including FAQs in Spanish and English and a link to the program’s secure internet portal to allow your eligible employees and eligible immediate family members to initiate this process.

Thank you for your interest in the Green Card-to-Citizenship Program!

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